Everyday Stamps
This set was an idea my friend Valery
had and gave me the opportunity to
turn it into a stamp!
There is a main arrow and 5 fill-in
arrows. You can use them together or
alone.  Along with the larger arrow set
and the add on set of inserts the
possibilities will be endless!
The main arrow is just under 2" long.
The Christmas card was design by
Valery Levy. Yes the same Valery that
helped me design the set!
This cool project is by
Tricia Gorden!!! I love this project as
the arrow is magnetic and can move to
the different month...also uses old
cds!! Click on to view!

Valery, show me the way!
These ribbons won't
add too much bulk
to your projects! The
boarder ribbon is 8"
long, great for
framing a photo  or

Tie One On
These brackets will group
your favorite subject on
your project! What a nice
way to show how much it
means to you!
The largest bracket is
about 3" long.
This matchbook cover
was designed by Tricia
Gorden and the layout is
by Regina Jones. Click on
thumbnails to view!

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order to us through the Contact Us page.
After your order is filled we will send an invoice  to
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This is Big Swirl. Why do
we call it big because it is
5" long!  Use it on those
romantic and girly pages
or it will be right at home
on those boy pages
too!There is so many
ways you can use this on
your projects I can see it
being used over and over!
I can't wait to see what
you come up with!!!
This beautiful card was
This fun mini book and
book mark plus this cool
white on white layout by
Regina Jones and check
out this 6x12 layout is by
Jackie Gallagher!
Click on thumbnails to
Big Swirl
Big swirl too big? How about
this trio! Each are almost
3 1/2" long. One is solid like
the large swirl, the 2nd is an
outline or on the edge, the
3rd is crayon like or in the
rough. They are just as fun  
as the Big Swirl only smaller
and 3 times the fun!

Triple Swirls
Here is a stamp to use
on your creations that
you sell or give as gifts.
They make it easy to just
sign your name on your
masterpieces!The idea
for this stamp came
from my friend
Tricia....you may be
seeing her name on
many other stamps!
Here is Joan Umano's

Tricia's Love Notes
If your like me and hate getting the
sewing machine out just to see how
crooked I can sew you'll love these
little gems! They are about 2" long
making them great for small or big
projects! This is another wonderful
idea from Tricia Gorden!!! And let me
say she can keep you in stitches!!
Layouts by Lynda Lindley and Joan
Umano, also includes "Big Swirl".
Click on thumbnails to view.

Tricia keeps me
In Stitches
Here is a set that can be  used with
watery layouts but also some of those
fun and funky papers that are available!
Get creative and fill them with dots,
strips, squiggles, WHATEVER!
There is 5 large stamps and 6 separate
drops to help mix and match to make
borders and corners or use them as is!
The corner stamp from swirl to swirl
and the heart stamp are both  3 1/2"
long. The 3 straight stamps are 21/4,
21/2 and 3" long. The separate drops
are from 1/4" to over 3/4" long.
"Splash Time" layout by Sheila Oxley.
"Water Fun" and "Summertime
Streakin'" by Regina Jones.
Click on thumbnail to view!

Splashy Flourishes
I had so much fun with this set! There are stars,
planets, satellites and spaceships not to
mention the rocket and alien!!! Hope you find this
set as much fun as I do!! Some of the planets
remind me of marbles....I guess it's not just for
outer space layouts! The rocket is 3" from
flames to top and the space ship is 3 1/2" from
front to tail!

Rocket Ride
Here is 21 separate words to use with or without
the Rocket Ride set!  Mix and match to make the
title for your layout or a fun birthday card or
invitation! Moon measures over 1/2" tall x 2" long.

Rocket Ride Words
Here is a big bracket!!!! How
big? How about over 4" !!!! Is
show off the title, your
journaling or your favorite
photo! Plus it comes with an
accent stamp that would be
great for photo corners or
stamp them in a row,one up
next down, continuing  
across and you can get a
southwestern border.

"Big Bracket"
I love the Victorian style!
They loved to flourish
everything! Even their
keys!! These are images
taken from actual
skeleton keys of the
Victorian era! The largest
key is 3 1/4" long and the
smallest is just under 2"
long. These are great for
home layouts or cards to
welcome someone to the
neighborhood or to let a
loved one know they hold
the key to your heart!!!

"Keys to My Heart"
This is another very
versatile set! Not only can
you change the
arrowheads, you can use
the arrowheads as flower
petals! The arrow without
the arrowhead added is 4”
long! Add one of the
arrows and make it over 5”

Off with Their Arrowheads!
This is the perfect addition to
the Keys to my Heart stamp.
The other cool thing about this
stamp is that you can stamp it
locked or cut the stamp out
and cut off the latch. Add the
other latch stamp in an open
position or use a brad to hold
it and let it move....Don't you
love versatility!

"Locked in Love"
close up of
the keys....
This is one of four stamp sets of
Alice in Wonderland I did for a
little girl...Seren!
This set has the white rabbit, a
pocket watch with separate
hands to set your own time! And
several sayings cut so they can
be used in several ways. All
together there is 11 stamps in
this set. Great for coloring in
using Copics or colored pencils.
The dapper white rabbit is 3 3/4"
tall x 2 1/4" wide and
the pocket watch is 2 1/2" wide x
3 " high.
Seren's White Rabbit clear stamp
This is 2nd of four stamp
sets of Alice in
Wonderland. This set
has a teapot with the
dormouse in it, a jar of
jam, the Mad Hatter's hat
and the words "Mad
Hatter's Tea Party". All
together there are 4
stamps in this set.
The teapot with mouse is
2 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide
the hat is 2" high x 2 1/4"

Seren's Mad Hatter's  
Tea Party
This is 3rd of four stamp sets
of Alice in Wonderland.
This set has a bottle holding a
tag, the words "Drink Me", A
wonky cake perfect for
coloring all the crazy colors in
the crayon box!!! and the
words "Eat Me". All together
there are 4 stamps in this set.
The cake is 2 1/2" wide x 3"
high and the bottle is 2" wide x
2 1/2" high .

Seren's Eat and Drink me
This is 4th set of Alice in Wonderland stamp
This set has the Cheshire cat, a mushroom
for him to sit on if you like! And one of his
favorite sayings "We are all mad here". All
together there are 3 stamps in this set. Great
for coloring-in using Copics or colored
The cheshire cat is over 2 1/2" wide x over 1
1/2" high
and the mushroom is almost 3" wide x 2 1/2"

Seren's Cheshire Cat clear stamp